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Nanoil Argan Oil 50 ml - For ansikt, kropp og hår

Nanoil Argan Oil is a 100% organic, unrefined oil that has been extracted by cold pressing. The oil is moisturizing beauty oil that makes the skin smoother, smoother and fuller. It can also be used in the hair to stimulate hair growth and restore its natural shine.

This oil also works as an eye serum and is perfect for skin that is aging, sensitive, dry, damaged or if you have problems with acne. With 100 essential substances such as omega-9 and omega-6, this oil is a strong antioxidant that suits the skin as well as the hair. The oil also protects against sunlight with high concentrations of natural ingredients such as vitamin E, Croatian and squalene.


Nanoil Argan Oil is a versatile oil that works just as well on the body as in the hair, face, nails or why not directly in the bath water!


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